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Other websites of Compass-Gruppe GmbH

The Compass Group has been the leading provider of business information in Austria since 1867.
You too can benefit from the data which we update on a daily basis.

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Business Register - Land Register

Get Business Register, Land Register and GISA excerpts easily and quickly online - even without registration and 24 hours a day!

Marketing addresses

Up-to-date marketing data will ensure that your advertising campaigns will be successful.

Other websites

Business information

Up-to-date business information of approximately 300,000 Austrian businesses.

Domain Business

The Domain Business offers its customer the entire value-added chain from registration of a domain to the technical operation of your own top-level domain.

Useful portals

Useful websites for everyday life all the way to economic history data. Find the nearest emergency service pharmacy, a locksmith, the exact location of a certain address...